Emma Stone Scripts

What is there not to like about Emma Stone? The beautiful 23 year old redhead represents everything good about women. She is good humored, considerate and wears her heart on her sleeve. Some people want to marry her while everyone else wants to be her best friend.

Needless to say, she is fast becoming the sweetheart of the American public. While her career only consists of a few movies, they are all films that characterize the personality that audiences have grown to love about her. Even in the new Spiderman film, her personality shines and transforms her character into something more like herself. She is not becoming the character- the character is becoming her.

Stone will likely have a strong career for a very long time due to her ability to choose roles that portray her as an honorable, good-natured young woman. The more people see this in her, the more they will root for her in every film that she follows in.


  1. (2012) The Amazing Spider-Man
  2. (2011) The Help Script
  3. (2011) Crazy, Stupid, Love
  4. (2011) Friends with Benefits
  5. (2010) Easy A Script
  6. (2010) Marmaduke
  7. (2009) Zombieland Script
  8. (2009) Paper Man
  9. (2009) Ghosts of Girlfriends Past Script
  10. (2008) The House Bunny Script
  11. (2008) The Rocker
  12. (2007) Superbad Script

Jonah Hill Scripts

No one gets famous simply by being talented. The music, film and art industries are all fueled by socialization. If a person is well connected, then he or she has a greater chance of succeeding with less talent than someone who has a lot of talent minus connections. In the case of Jonah Hill, connections to the industry have been one of the major tools that helped skyrocket his career to the record high that it is at now.

This is not to say Jonah Hill is not talented. The 28 year old producer/director/actor/writer has wowed audiences with his unique comedic style and adorable personality. From his first major role in Superbad (2007), Hill captured America’s heart in his realistic depiction of a desperately hopeless teenage boy trying to buy alcohol on a Friday night.

However, if it wasn’t for his connections, Hill may not have known, let alone had the chance to audition for the now-famous role. The real start of his career occurred when he met the children of Dustin Hoffman, who were present at one of his small time gigs. The kids loved his acting and introduced him to their father who helped jump start his career with a role in I Heart Huckabees (2004).

Since then, Hill has ridden the waves to fame and fortune in comedic films such as Get Him to the Greek (2010) and the upcoming film, 21 Jump Street (2012). Needless to say, Hill has a great future ahead of him as long as he continues to wow audiences with his remarkable acting roles.

Hopeful actors may take a note from Hill by remembering the importance of establishing connections in the industry. Script writers and directors would also do well to seek out talent and inspiration in small clubs and performing arts districts. There are plenty of talented people and stories in the world that never make it to Hollywood simply because of a lack of connections. A person who can sift through and find the gems will be justly rewarded for their efforts.


  1. (2012) 21 Jump Street
  2. (2011) The Sitter
  3. (2011) Moneyball Script
  4. (2010) Megamind Script
  5. (2010) Get Him to the Greek Script
  6. (2010) How to Train Your Dragon Script
  7. (2010) Cyrus
  8. (2009) The Invention of Lying Script
  9. (2009) Funny People Script
  10. (2009) Night at the Museum: Escape From the Smithsonian Script
  11. (2008) Just Add Water
  12. (2008) Forgetting Sarah Marshall Script
  13. (2008) Horton Hears a Who
  14. (2008) Strange Wilderness [Transcript]
  15. (2007) Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story [Transcript]
  16. (2007) Superbad Script
  17. (2007) Evan Almighty [Transcript]
  18. (2007) Knocked Up Script
  19. (2007) Rocket Science [Transcript]
  20. (2006) 10 Items or Less
  21. (2006) Accepted
  22. (2006) Click
  23. (2006) Grandma’s Boy
  24. (2005) The 40 Year Old Virgin Script
  25. (2004) I Heart Huckabees [Transcript]

Seth Rogan Scripts

            Seth Rogan is one of the few comedians who have skyrocketed to success following the success of the film, 40 Year Old Virgin (2005). The film, which starred many now-famous actors such as Steve Carrell and Jonah Hill, was an original masterpiece that changed the path of comedic films.

Judd Apatow, the writer of the 40 Year Old Virgin, reaped enormous fame and success following this film, and continued to work with Rogan in other features such as Pineapple Express (2008) and Knocked Up (2007). The repeated film successes gave Rogan the fame and reputation that he needed to start his own career as a writer.

Following the success of Knocked Up, Rogan wrote a film that became a national sensation, spurring on the careers of even more film actors including Jonah Hill and Michael Cera. That film was called Superbad (2007). Since this film, Rogan has become a household name. On IMDB.com, he is on the top 500 list of celebrities and he is only climbing upwards from there.

Screenwriters may have noticed the types of comedic trends that have been brewing in Hollywood lately, spurred on since the release of the nearly-moral yet raunchy 40 Year Old Virgin. Despite the dirty humor that occurs, popular comedic films have also added on a sentimentalism that is downright endearing. Behind the crude humor are deeper issues that many people deal with in their lives.

By employing moralistic elements and endearing characters, comedic films have been able to bridge the gap that has forever divided them from classic dramas and romances. Long gone are the tasteless, ill-prepared lobotomies that once cursed the comedy genre. Now there is realism and sentimentality that could just make comedy a respectable genre… perhaps even an Oscar winner!


  1. (2013) The Apocalypse
  2. (2012) The Guilt Trip
  3. (2012) For a Good Time, Call…
  4. (2011) 50/50 Script
  5. (2011) Take This Waltz
  6. (2011) Kung Fu Panda 2
  7. (2011) Paul
  8. (2011) The Green Hornet Script
  9. (2009) Funny People Script
  10. (2009) Monsters vs Aliens [Transcript]
  11. (2009) Observe and Report
  12. (2009) Fanboys [Transcript]
  13. (2008) Zack and Miri Make a Porno [Transcript]
  14. (2008) Pineapple Express Script  
  15. (2008) Step Brothers [Transcript]
  16. (2008) Kung Fu Panda [Transcript]
  17. (2008) Horton Hears a Who!
  18. (2008) The Spiderwick Chronicles [Transcript]
  19. (2007) Superbad Script
  20. (2007) Shrek the Third Script
  21. (2007) Knocked Up Script
  22. (2006) You, Me and Dupree [Transcript]
  23. (2005) The 40 Year Old Virgin Script
  24. (2004) Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy [Transcript]
  25. (2001) Donnie Darko Script

Superbad Script

Superbad poster thumbnail
Director:Greg Mottola
Written by:Seth Rogen (Author), Evan Goldberg (Author)

Script Synopsis:Two co-dependent high school seniors are forced to deal with separation anxiety after their plan to stage a booze-soaked party goes awry.