Good Will Hunting Script vs. Finding Forrester

Academy award nominated filmmaker Gus Van Sant has always been known to have a diverse collection of deep, thought, provoking character pieces. However, none have been more compared to each other than Good Will Hunting (1997) and Finding Forrester (2000), two films following the coming of age of two young outcasts who are unable and unwilling to apply themselves in school and out of it. However, their lives take a turn for the better when they are suddenly given the care and attention of an unlikely mentor.

Despite being written by two different scriptwriters, the films were largely compared due to the likeness of their themes, the similarity of the direction, and likeness to the mentor-student genre of films.

Check out the scripts below and see for yourself which one stands out from the two:

1. Good Will Hunting Script (1997)
2. Finding Forrester Script (2000)

Paul Blart: Mall Cop Movie Script vs. Observe and Report Movie Script

A couple of years ago, an interesting case of a mishandled script led to the release of two strikingly similar films. Though both were produced by two different studios, Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009) and Observe and Report (2009) both featured the misadventures of an awkward yet eager security officer. With both films being marketed as a comedy, there was little to distinguish between one from the other in audiences eyes.
Check out the scripts and decide for yourself which had the stronger screenplay:

Independence Day Movie Script vs. War of the Worlds Movie Script

It looks like alien invasion flicks are making a strong Hollywood come back. With Skyline (2010) making a splash at the box office just awhile back, along with the release of Battle: Los Angeles (2011) early next year, sci-fi fans are looking to the heavens for their extraterrestrial fix.

But this isn’t the first time Hollywood is trying to cash in on the threat of alien invasion. Check out the scripts of previous sci-fi blockbusters Independence Day (1996) and War of the Worlds (2005) to find out which one came out on top, scriptwise.

Point Break vs. The Fast and the Furious Movie Scripts

Although the Fast and the Furious movie franchise was never widely recognized for its original plot lines, the first movie, The Fast and the Furious (2001) was largely compared to Point Break (1991). Both films followed the story of an undercover cop trying to break an illegal ring of thieves (be it cars, or banks). In the end, the cop’s growing bond with the wanted group of criminals has him choosing between his side or theirs.

Coincidence or copy-cat? Take a look for yourself in the links below:

1. Point Break Script (1991)
2. The Fast and the Furious Script $ (for Purchase, Middle of the Page) (2001)

Truman Show vs. Ed TV Movie Scripts

With the reality television boom of the 1990s, it was only matter of time before Hollywood started churning out stories that tapped into our fascination with reality t.v. Ed TV (1999) and The  Truman Show (1998) were films that were largely compared because of their milieu, but had stories that veered into completely different directions.

See just have different how different their scripts were by going through the links below:

1. Ed TV Script (1999)
2. The Truman Show Script (1998)

The Prestige vs. The Illusionist Movie Scripts

Released only months apart from each other, The Prestige (2006) and The Illusionist (2006) ran into the trouble of being largely compared to one another. Both movies were set against a magical backdrop right along the turn of the century, and both of films were marketed with strong dark and suspenseful undertones. Though the similarities were striking, both films had very different stories to tell.

See which one had more magic in its screenplay by looking through them yourself.

1. The Prestige Script (2006)
2. The Illusionist Script $ (for Purchase) (2006)

Mission to Mars Script vs. Red Planet Script

Mission to Mars
(2000) and Red Planet (2000) were two films that weren’t so fondly remembered in Hollywood. Released only months apart from each other, both films were big flops in the box-office. Despite genuine interest in turn-of-the-century space travel, audiences shunned the limp storytelling and the cookie-cutter characters.

And though the genre of science fiction has recently begun to pick-up again in television and movies, don’t expect these scripts to be referred to in a long while.

Where did they go wrong? Check out the scripts below and see for yourself.

1. Mission to Mars Script (2000)
2. Red Planet Script (2000)

Armageddon Script vs. Deep Impact Script

1998 was a year of falling meteors. Or at least, that’s how Hollywood felt about it. In this week’s Versus, we’re taking a closer look at the two films that sent audiences contemplating the possibility of humanity going dinosaur when an asteroid threatens to wipe out all of civilization.

Though Armageddon (1998) and Deep Impact (1998) have been largely accused for taking on the same premise, critics have been fair to point out that the films differ in tone, style and substance.

But which one stands atop the other? Judge for yourself.

1. Armageddon Script (1998)
2. Deep Impact Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1998)