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Top 10 World War 1 Film Scripts

Of all the armed conflicts that have shaken humanity, World War II has probably been the most extensively covered by

10 Great Film Scripts that were Panned by the Critics (Part 1)

Sometimes, the one thing a great film needs in order to be generally accepted as such is… time. Reviewers are

Top 10 Post-Apocaliptic Film Scripts

A popular trend in contemporary cinema, these films don’t focus on the events that lead humanity to its destruction, as

Best Film Scripts Set in the Ancient Rome

One of the most impressive empires that have ruled our world, the story of the Roman civilization -the story of

Film Scripts Set in a Confined Space

Sometimes less is more. Screenwriters have proven that a story can be equally appealing and successful with plentiful characters and

Medieval Fantasy Film Scripts

We owe medieval fantasy to JRR Tolkien, who certainly didn’t create it, but established good part of the foundations of

Best Cosa Nostra Film Scripts

Films set in the organized crime world seem to be really popular among audiences and critics alike, and perhaps even

Greatest Biopic Film Scripts

It is said that truth is stranger than fiction, which is why cinema owes a lot of its greatest accomplishments

Top 10 Film Scripts About Vampires

The myth of the vampire has been carving its tooth marks on our nightmares since way before Bram Stoker popularized

Tom Stoppard

A truly gifted author who has achieved success on TV, film and stage, Tom Stoppard had to survive a tragic

The Plot Twist Gamble

Nothing like a sudden turn of the wheel that leaves the audience in disbelief. But what happens when the audience

Film Scripts with Great Dialogue

Dialogues are just one of the many mechanisms that can move the plot forward. For some screenwriters though, it doesn't

2017 Award Season Scripts

It's award season again. The studios publish screenplays of  films they are hoping will garner award nominations. Here they are: Deadpool

2016 Award Season Scripts

It's that time of year again. The studios publish  screenplays of  films they are hoping will garner award nominations. Here

2015 Oscar Nominee Scripts

This year's scripts for your perusal: Original Screenplay Birdman (PDF) written by Alejandro G. Iñárritu, Nicolás Giacobone, Alexander Dinelaris, Jr. and Armando

First Timers

For most, the dream of being a screenwriter is never fulfilled. A quick search for tips on how to be

Directors, Writers, and Auteurs

Film is relatively new medium. It was silent until 1927, and black and white until 1939. As a result of

Superheroes as Allegory

Throughout the last 20 years an overwhelming increase in the number of films about people with special powers has taken

Stories about Stories

Joseph Campbell and the well-known psychologist Carl Jung, both posited that stories were a way for human beings to ascribe meaning

Best Drug Movies

For the adventurous and the broken, sometimes reality just isn’t enough. Over the years, bohemian filmmakers and others enamored vicariously